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Chairman pens open letter to supporters

9 April 2021

Barnet FC Chairman, Tony Kleanthous, has penned an open letter to supporters.

Dear Barnet FC Supporters.

Following on from the recent Q & A, my answer to Q3 prompted some very strong opinions and welcome debate, which I believe was much needed. However, an unintended consequence of my answer was that it was taken to mean ALL supporters, which could not be any further away from my opinion of the Bee Army.

My initial response stated, “ We have a lot of amazing, loyal, committed people who support our football club” and I stand by that wholeheartedly. My criticism was solely aimed at those who fall outside of this category and claim to be supporters but offer no support whatsoever. It was never my intention to attack any of the vast majority of our fans who have stuck with me and the Club through thick and thin and I can only apologise if anyone felt this was the case.

It is unfortunate that nowadays all clubs have a small minority who seem to feel it is acceptable to use social media as a tool to abuse players and staff at every opportunity. Whilst we have come under rightful criticism this season, there is a fine line to overstepping the mark and becoming unacceptably abusive. As I say, this is a tiny minority, but we need to take a stance against this type of behaviour.

My message to those of you who feel disaffected is simply this…

I would like to start here and now and reach out to you by offering an unreserved apology to anyone who feels I have let them down in any way whatsoever in the nearly thirty years I have been at Barnet Football Club. I have always strived to do everything with the Club's best interests at heart and I will continue to do everything I can to give our Supporters the success they deserve. We need to heal our wounds and at the time of reply I was annoyed that anyone would question my passion but on reflection, I can understand why this season’s debacle would raise such concerns. I can assure you that I am as committed now as I ever was and I will put this right. I hope we can together draw a line under this terrible season, show a united front for our new coaching team and truly support our great Club once again.

We are rebuilding; taking our time to carefully consider future appointments and putting in place the right team for the right job.

Thank you for your support. Come on you Bees!


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