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A note from Schoen Clinic – Official Musculoskeletal Specialist Treatment Partner.

My life was pretty much the same as everyone else’s in 2020: working from home, exercising when I could and trying to make the most of things.

However, things changed dramatically for me when, in December, I bent down to lift some weight and I experienced a significant seizure in my lower back. My back went into an excruciating spasm whenever I walked, leaned forward or held myself any other way than bolt upright.

I spoke to my GP immediately, who unsurprisingly said I needed to see a spinal surgeon quickly. After some research, I took the decision to go to Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London. I felt that going to a dedicated spinal centre was far more beneficial to me than going to a more local general hospital as, essentially, everyone is a spinal specialist – from the doctors and nurses to the physios and aftercare teams – meaning there is a greater focus on specialist treatment.

When I contacted Schoen Clinic, I got an appointment with Mr David Cumming almost immediately, which came as a huge relief given the amount of pain I was in. I wanted to get better, quickly.

I met David in his clinic where he carried out all the necessary tests. He arranged for me to have an MRI scan as soon as my appointment ended, and he was ready and waiting to speak to me straight afterwards. He had already spoken to the radiologist and had assessed the scans, and he had started to formulate my treatment plan.

I was very relieved to learn that my back did not require surgery, and I was to continue seeing a trio of healthcare professionals (physiotherapist, osteopathist and acupuncturist). Meanwhile, David prescribed me a mix of painkillers and anti-inflammatories to ease the pain and told me that my recovery would take around three months to get back to my pre-injury state.

I left David’s clinic feeling mentally lighter and physically a whole lot better knowing I was on the right treatment plan and that I would have some relief from the pain. I went back to see him in January where he assessed the progress I had made and gave me some extra exercises and ideas on how I can help my recovery.

A month on and my back is feeling significantly better. I am still following treatment but I can now walk pain-free. I can bend my back, and I can pray now, which is huge progress.

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that my time at Schoen Clinic was the best experience I have had in a hospital. I have never had care that was so comprehensive and efficient before, even in a private setting. Seeing David so quickly was a welcome relief, and to have all scans, conversations and tests done in one day was so convenient for me. Everything you need is on-site and readily

available, and the transition between assessment, diagnosis and treatment is flawless.

I felt in very safe hands at all times, and I have no hesitation in recommending David or the clinic to my friends and family. Had I needed surgery, I would have been very confident in putting myself in his care.

Faisel was treated at Schoen Clinic Orthopaedic and Spinal Hospital London, with Mr David Cumming. For further information about how Schoen Clinic can help you, please call visit or call 020 3820 3907