Barnet Football Club



Barnet FC Chairman’s Statement update

Brentford FC applied to The FA for dispensation from the FA Cup rules on the grounds of Safety with support from their Local Authority. This should have been done at the start of the season but in any event, the dispensation was granted on Saturday morning although they were asked to provide a small number of additional tickets which they duly complied with.

This whole episode could have been avoided if they hadn’t been so intransigent but as far as I am concerned this brings the matter with them to a close. I know that it’s difficult when you have old facilities and I wish them well with their new development which certainly looks impressive. 

These extra tickets in addition to our staff complimentary allocation have meant that we were able to satisfy all the demand from our members which was our first priority. We also now have permission from the FA to purchase the live stream of the match which we will be showing in Legends Bar this evening for free to any other supporters who wish to join the party. 

I understand some of our fans have been engaging on social media with Brentford fans over my comments and would please ask that they desist from this. My comments were never intended to stir rivalry but rather a genuine attempt to inform fans of what was going on behind the scenes and the issues involved with ticketing for this game. With this being one of the most important games in our history, I wanted as many fans to be able to get along to the game as possible. 

You were all fantastic last Monday night, now let’s hope Darren and his Bee Army can finish the job…