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Barnet finish runners up in the Programme Monthly awards!

Barnet Football Club’s matchday programme has come runner up in Programme Monthly magazine’s League Two awards for 2015-16.

Plymouth Arygle’s “The Pilgrim” won first prize, while the Bees’ programme was tied with Luton Town’s “Talk of the Town” in the runners up spot.

Programme Editor David Bloomfield reacted to the news, saying:

“Runner-Up? Well that usually gives you automatic promotion doesn’t it!

“As is the norm at award ceremonies there is a list of those who deserve the credit for putting the programme together.

“It really is a team effort, with the contributors regularly coming forth with their copy and always making their deadlines – even if they do need the odd nudge!

“Martin Allen and his players should also get a mention as they are always unfailingly co-operative.

“The match programme has always been a vital ingredient for me at any game I’ve ever been at – I like the feel of the programme in your hand on a matchday!

“And you should always keep the squads on the back page for easy reference!

“The match programme should constantly evolve and I’ve had great feedback about the elements put together by supporters.

“If we want to be the best in our league next year, I’m very much open to new ideas and suggestions.

“Do get in touch on if you have a suggestion or want to be a contributor.”

Programme Monthly magazine described Barnet’s entry as follows:

Runner Up – Barnet

The design of Barnet’s issue is a no-frills affair.

Programme editor David Bloomfield has his own page column and there is no shortage of other columnists.

Recent match action is a little light on stats, but there is no shortage of action photos.

‘What’s The Buzz?’ takes up two pages with news of former Barnet players and the football world in general, an intriguing mix.

‘Inside the Mind of’ asks questions of a particular player, whilst ‘The Alex Jones File’ is an interesting mix of trivia and anecdote about the visiting team to begin the section on the opposition.

This lasts for six pages, and is good on the player profiles.

The ‘Alex Jones Tells Tales’ feature consists of some nostalgic recollections, ‘Famous Bees’ is a one page caricature by by an artist, which is certainly different.

Facing this is ‘Barnet’s Fan Profile’, interviewing a supporter for their opinions and memories.

‘The Reckless Guide to’ is a good preview of a forthcoming away trip and ‘Postcard’ sees the writer circulate amongst the crowd at the Hive to meet people and hear their stories.

‘On This Day In History’ has nothing to do with the club, but is fascinating reading nevertheless.

Barnet’s programme is a real curate’s egg, not formulaic at all and a lot to recommend it.

B5, £3, standout article/feature – ‘That Was The Week That Was’ – Alan Hall recalls a match from the past on the date of the game over two pagtes, with one carrying a reproduction of the programme cove

Congratulations to David and everyone else involved in the Barnet FC matchday programme!