Barnet Football Club




Ladies manager Lydia Bedford has backed the club’s Women’s Super League application.
Bedford believes that if successful there is no limit to the heights that club can reach but warned that if they are not they could get left behind.
Speaking ahead of the Ladies clash with Sunderland on Sunday Bedford stated that the club have worked tirelessly to ensure they do not miss out. 
“I think it is massive, the club has been working very hard for a long time to get itself recognition at the highest level and if we are successful that is what it will bring.
“We were unsuccessful in our application for the initial Super League and it has only spurred the club on in its efforts for this bid. A lot of people have worked very hard behind the scenes which we really appreciate.”
Bedford continued by expressing her belief that a successful application is of paramount importance to the club.
“With the format expanding from one league to two it is vitally important that we are successful in our application because the teams who are not could get left behind.
“It will bring endless positives. The media coverage will be vast and our profile will be raised to heights that it hasn’t been able to reach in the past.
“Football has been the fastest growing women’s sport in the last ten-years so to be part of it would be absolutely fantastic for the club.”
She also believes that the competitive edge provided by the new competition will breath new motivation into her side.
“The league will be much more competitive to the one we are in now because this season there isn’t relegation or promotion.
“To be a tier two team in the Super League would provide massive motivation for the players because they know if they’re successful they would be promoted to face the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea.
“The format will be much more professional and that will also change the mindset of everyone involved with the club.”
Bedford concluded by stating that a successful application along with the excellent facilities at The Hive will provide the Ladies with a very bright future. 
“The facilities we have at the Hive are outstanding and I am sure they will be one of if not the best facilities within both leagues.
“This will allow us to progress as a team and build on the strong core we currently have by adding high calibre players who will be attracted to the club.”