Barnet Football Club




In the post-match press conference following the home draw with Port Vale a tabloid journalist asked Head Coach Edgar Davids if he was disappointed with the meagre tally of just one point from the last three matches.

The journalist in question had only seen the game at Underhill, but it highlighted the cruel fact that the Bees have produced in the last three matches sterling performances and yet on the key point of points accumulated she made a valid point.

It would be much more worrying if the Bees had just scrapped this point and been on the end of a couple of hammerings.

But this has not been the case, of course there were moments in the games at Burton and Bristol Rovers were the levels of concentration have not been all they should be, but the decent performances that were put in meant that come the visit of the league leaders last week the match was approached with relish rather than in fear.

York themselves are not on a good run, having gone seven games without a win, but how many times have we come into a match with the opponents struggling for form only to see Barnet provide the opportunity for them to get back on the tracks.

The answer is quite a few times; but significantly not lately and the Bees now look a solid outfit defensively.

Of course it will be interesting to see what the change in personnel with Andy iro’s loan spell coming to an end will have on have on the team defensively, but also with forwards such as Craig Beattie now available perhaps it will be Bees who will be asking questions of the York defence.

York are eight points ahead of the Bees, with Barnet having a game in hand over the Ministermen and the aim surely tomorrow is narrow that gap and increase the number of clubs embroiled at the wrong end of the table.

Karl Bates and myself will constitute the commentary team for BarnetPlayer for the game from Bootham Crescent tomorrow and will go on air at around 2.55pm.