Barnet Football Club




The Fleetwood Town, Cheltenham Town and the Dagenham & Redbridge matches were three consecutive home games that we have had lately that offered a golden opportunity to add nine points to our tally and move in a positive direction up the league.

Clearly that was Barnet’s target, but on reflection how likely was it that the Bees would actually win three matches on the trot? It wasn’t that long ago that Barnet had gone a very, very long time before they had won back-to-back matches and it was only the arrival of Martin Allen and the force of his personality that was able to change all that.

My point is that of the nine points on offer the Bees won five and managed three clean sheets. Of course you could look at it the other way round and say that the Bees have been playing for three hours and not scored a goal, but five points is the only stat that is carved in rock.

Now if that ratio of points accumulation was played out over an entire season you would finish the campaign with 77 points, a more reasonable tally. But you can do anything with statistics!

After the match when asked about the draw Edgar Davids used the example of the glass that is either half-full or half-empty. We will perhaps only know the answer to that question when time is called on the season.

Although Barnet-born I’ve only been working for the club for some five or six seasons and I was surprised when I left the ground yesterday evening that the thought really hit me that there would only be two more Barnet FC matches on the Underhill pitch.

I had a lump in my throat and I thought then how much deeper and painful must the experience be of those who have watched their team for maybe decades, maybe from the same spot.

But as you get older you realise by the same token that nothing stays the same forever. Now whose catch-phrase was “onwards and upwards”?