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BLOOMFIELD’s PITCH: Post Aldershot Town

OK, so most of Barnet’s problems last night were self-inflicted, but in the closing stages the formation, with the introduction of substitutes, the Bees went increasingly offensive and for innovation and inventiveness, a draw and a point, when all seemed to be lost, is a fair enough reward.

High scoring matches are always thought to be the ones that give managers and coaches the most headaches because invariably among the mountain of goals there will likely be errors aplenty; for both sides.

As a consequence it would be no surprise if both Aldershot and Barnet will be working on their respective defensive strategies in advance of this weekend’s matches.

It has to be hoped that the fragility at the back that Barnet showed last night is a temporary aberration, since, since the appointment of Edgar Davids as Head Coach the Bees have rarely given away goals cheaply.

In the closing moments with Aldershot hanging on by a thread to their 3-2 lead the Bees went with three at the back, with practically everyone else, including Jack Saville, upfront, with only a nominal midfield presence.

Aldershot responded in an interesting way, but one that eventually back-fired. With Barnet playing with just three defenders the home side placed a forward on each one. This possibly curtailed Barnet’s defence from bringing the ball forward but the home side certainly found themselves outnumbered in the area in and around their own penalty area.

When Harry Crawford hit home the equaliser, with Saville having been involved in the build up, the Barnet bench and the Barnet travelling supporters were up on their feet. Strange how an equaliser can sometimes feel like a winner; and for confirmation we could always check with Lincoln.