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BLOOMFIELD’s PITCH: Post Nuneaton Town

Barnet supporters had a spring in their step as made their way to The Hive for the game against Nuneaton; confident that their side could add three points and continue their positive start to the season.

This confidence looked fully justified early on as the Bees pushed back the visitors who were rarely able to venture beyond the half-way line.

Crosses rained in from both flanks and it looked only a matter of time before the Bees would forge ahead.

And with just over a quarter of an hour gone from a peach of a cross from the left by Luke Gambin Jake Hyde was again in the right place at the right time to convert the opportunity.

Barnet were now almost toying with the opposition and surely a comfortable victory was on the cards. Not adding a second goal however would prove costly.

Because just before half-time Nuneaton equalised and from that moment on they grew in stature and were no longer content to play second fiddle.

This result was a reminder to all concerned that victories are never foregone conclusions; even if you start like a train and take and early lead and look in total control.

The opposition will have a different agenda and will always seek out a weakness. In this instance it was the lack of a second goal which would quite possibly, but not conclusively, put the game out of reach for the visitors. At the very least it would have made it more difficult.

Barnet needed to, as the crude phrase would have it, “kill the game off,” and post match Edgar Davids was clearly of the view that the Bees had dropped two points.

The supporters of Nuneaton were the happier at the final whistle, but Barnet fans were still able to discuss an unbeaten start to the season with their team averaging two points a game, and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that.

Edgar Davids spoke of the possibility of freshening up the side for the game at Braintree on Monday after he has had a chance to review the game and had a look at the fitness and form of his squad. He didn’t suggest major changes were likely and given the unbeaten nature of the Bees’ season so far it must be that we have mostly round pegs in round holes.