Barnet Football Club


Naturally in the course of 90 minutes both sides had attempts on goal, but throughout the match not one genuine opportunity was created by either side and so it was not a surprise that the game finished scoreless.

Whilst both keepers were not called upon to excel themselves both Cameron Belford and Graham Stack were in good form and handled everything comfortably; the likelihood of a fumble and a goal from a forward following up was remote in the extreme.

In an age of instant analysis how much can you truly deduce from two matches, two clean sheets and with the Bees sitting comfortably up the top end of the table?

You could ask if there is a team that has started better than Barnet. Goal difference is separating a lot of teams, but perhaps significantly at this early stage there’s just one team, Southport that has won both its matches.

Speaking to Giuliano Grazioli after the match, as a fan, he classed himself as quite pleased with what he had seen and recalled that the Conference winning team that he had played in the sequence of results was often a win followed by a draw.

The Bees have made a good start; there can be no question about that, and significantly and encouragingly there is surely a feeling that there is room for improvement.

Do we want to knock teams over like skittles early on, or slowly but surely grow as the season unfolds and be around when the prizes are handed out? I’m going for the latter.