Barnet Football Club


When you enter the Fun Fair and like the look of the roller coaster whose ride is called Barnet FC it is essential that you are firmly strapped in as this is an amusement that will play havoc with your emotions as well as your digestive system.

How can such emotion and drama be summoned up and acted out in one afternoon?

When detractors dismiss football as being at best a vulgar pastime they simply do not know what they are on about.

At Underhill yesterday you had enough yin and yang to last a lifetime. The exquisite goal by Jake Hyde, the despair that followed the penalty and the double whammy of the save and the euphoria at the final whistle, well frankly what more can be asked of a sport?

It was great to be there and we will remember Underhill all the more fondly – if that is possible. The old ground had kept one last card in reserve and the hand was played by a master.

In the closing moments of the match on Barnet Player – which were also taken by BBC Radio London – I bellowed forth “Graham Stack has just scored the winning goal in The FA Cup Final.” I knew he hadn’t of course, it just felt like it.

There is more Barnet FC on TV on Sunday evening when just after Match of the Day 2, Late Kick-Off has an extensive feature on Underhill, The Hive and yesterday’s match.