Barnet Football Club




A trip to the West Country can be a pleasant experience. The weather might be good enough to warm the bones and pasties are best eaten near this neck of the woods.
Yet Devon and Cornwall are known for their heavy rainfall, few of us want to spend much time in Dartmoor and specifically that long journey back, when you do not have a point in your pocket, makes each mile on your homeward journey a bone-aching experience.
But having said that, a sizeable number of Bees can’t resist a trip west and with the temperature nudging above zero this week, spring is most certainly in the air and who could resist the calling of Plainmoor? The supporters’ coach is apparently full and there any many who independently make their own way.
Especially when there is the small matter of some points gathering on the agenda. Defeats in the west country at Plymouth and at Bristol Rovers have tended to overshadow the come-back at Exeter City to gain a point but there is no doubt that Saturday’s match is very significant in the scheme of things.
A defeat or a victory will have consequences, of that there is no doubt. The home fans are being rallied and have been asked to give their players maximum backing and so we’ll probably be facing a similar vocal barrage as was heard at Plymouth and Bristol.
“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese proverb which is really hoping that your future life will be anything but tranquil and Barnet fans can certainly say that their end of seasons are interesting.
Tomorrow’s match has a lot riding on it. Just like the AFC Wimbledon fixture, the tension will be palpable. It does make for an engrossing spectacle, but sometimes do we crave an end of season that just peters out?
That would of course be the season before we made a concerted effort to land a play-off spot or, even better still, automatic promotion. But all that is another ball game for another time.