Barnet Football Club


A poster popular with hippies in the 60s and 70s asked the question: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

I felt a bit like that yesterday when we called a press conference at The Hive only to see the announcement of West Ham United becoming the tenants of the Olympic Stadium take centre-stage with journalists being instructed by their offices to head east. We were in competition with Boris Johnson, self-proclaimed “King of the World.”

The press-conference or the “presser” as an Aussie cameraman would have it was scheduled for 2 o’clock and as we approached the witching hour it looked as if the carefully assembled arc of comfy chairs around a top-table would remain unoccupied.

Not too worry though as the hacks did duly arrive, but we were definitely playing second fiddle to the Hammers.

In particular today’s Daily Mirror and Daily Express to say nothing of Sky Sports will be giving the fixture against Cheltenham a plug as well as investigating the phenomenon of Edgar Davids being the club’s Head Coach.

If I was Edgar Davids I would be frustrated by the number of times HE is asked if HE is frustrated by be repeatedly being asked if that given his glittering playing career HE is frustrated when coaching League 2 players.

But Barnet FC’s Head Coach is the same master in press conferences as he is on the pitch. All questions are considered seriously with replies being well-thought out, interesting and politely delivered. He is also deft at not falling into any potential traps laid by investigative journalists.

All we need now if for the snow to stop, the talking to stop, and the game to be ON!