Barnet Football Club


The Bees go into tonight’s home game with Southend United after managing just two 0-0 draws in their last two home games.  That is a bit of a harsh analysis, especially when you consider that one of those draws was against a table-topping team and in between the home matches was the excellent victory at York City.

Barnet now look an outfit that can go anywhere and play anyone in this League without fear; the results at Gillingham and Rotherham proved that.

But the Bees’ plight at the wrong end of the table would certainly help if a few more home victories could be recorded.

But again, let us not discount the value of the two clean sheets. If you have that as a base then you are giving yourself a much better chance of ultimately winning those three points.

Back in the day when you only got two points for a victory a draw was rarely concern for consternation. Now in the course of 90 minutes teams all around you in the table can accumulate points at a much faster rate and it makes the whole situation more volatile.

When you muster just a point for a draw and the holy grail of the three points has eluded you, you can easily feel short-changed. It’s as if you ordered meat and two veg and were given just a boiled egg.

In the game against Rochdale the Bees came within inches when Andy Yiadom’s effort hit the bar and bounced down on the goal-line and had that attempt  gone in it would have probably altered everyone’s perception of how Barnet had performed on the day. It would certainly have done something to the league table!

How thin indeed are the lines between a draw, a defeat and a victory. But on such thin margins come the end of your season can one’s fate be decided.