Barnet Football Club


It’s the last game at Underhill and all that involves – emotion, tears, anguish, joy – but crucially no one who wears black and amber should take their eye off the ball and focus on anything other than the three points at stake on Saturday.
Well that’s the pragmatists view and of course whilst being technically correct the game is important in Barnet’s history simply because so much depends on the outcome. Yes we probably want the players to be single minded when they cross the white line but supporters are emotionally tied to their team and the ground itself; and there is no escaping it.
These two strains of thought have been uppermost in my mind when I’ve been putting together the Commemorative Match Programme and as a consequence the publication actually has two “front covers.” One celebrates the occasion and the other gives the details of the match itself.
It is a bumper 106 page issue and with the help of many contributors who have given freely of their time in terms of expertise, insight and knowledge and also allowing access to their collections of Barnet FC memorabilia I hope we have come up with a publication that tells the story of Underhill and does the old ground justice. There is a lot to read, examine and perhaps disagree with as a wide range of views are expressed. 
The club is issuing sound advice to get to the ground in good time to assist with the numbers getting into Underhill for the last home game, but for my part I’m of the view that you’d benefit from an early arrival as it gives you more time to read this magnum opus; and also you wouldn’t want to miss out as it is selling fast with pre-orders that have come in from all over the world!
Not long ago you could buy a club for a fiver, but I’m afraid that tomorrow it is the cost of the programme.
David Bloomfield
Programme Editor