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Chairman’s Mid Season Q&A | Answers 51-60

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51– What is the plan for the second half of the season to turn things round and preserve our league status? 

I think this has already been covered but in essence we are looking at adding to both the coaching team and the playing squad. We need to improve.

52– Please can we drop that awful Guns n Roses song the players walk out to?

This is now synonymous with our club and quite unique to us so I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

53– With attendances dwindling and many long term fans fed up and boycotting The Hive how does the club see to rectify this?

Promotions only provide a short term lift so what we really need to do is improve the matchday experience and win games……this can be easier said than done but it’s the task at hand.

54– In light of recent events of staff taking to social media and openly stating it’s the fans fault the club is struggling at this time. How would the club look to rebuild bridges between fans and club in this current toxic atmosphere?

This is quite worrying. I don’t personally use social media nor have l been informed of anything like this so please feel free to share any information you have in respect of the matter on I suspect someone may have reacted to the usual vociferous few but although frustrations can run high we should not be throwing stones at each other and need to all work together.

55– In view of the fact that the contractors moved into Underhill this week to start the demolition process of a stadium that is held in great affection by most fans, why did you not feel it appropriate to make some kind of statement on the BFC website recognising this sad day?

Underhill has been steadily dismantled over the last few months and the main demolition will be once we remove the South Stand which is still being organised. The North Stand was moved to The Hive last September.

56 – On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest 10 being the highest) how would you rate the following aspects of the club?

  How is the relationship between club & fans?
8. We have regular meetings and dialogue although there are a vociferous minority who seem to relish any opportunity to bash the Club and will probably get upset that this has even been mentioned.

 How would you rate the match day experience?
Depends if you include results. With results 2 without 7.

 How would you rate our season so far?

 How would you rate the value for money Barnet F.C. provide on a match day compared to other sports events?
6-10 depending on the package you attend on. For instance, the club and school package is one of the best around and our concession prices are pretty good too with discounts right up to 21 years.

57 – What would be the approx cost of relegation in terms of lost income, sponsorships etc. and how do you intend to cover any shortfall?

The cost is generally about £1mil and if the worst happened then we will find a way through as we have done before. I have not considered the specifics so have no further detail right now.

58 – Will you please arrange an Open Forum (preferably after a home game) so that fans can speak to you and other key personnel? This “written” Q and A is ok but face-to- face dialogue is much more preferable.

We have done these many times in the past but it’s always difficult after matches as the result can dramatically affect the mood of the evening. We are in a relegation battle now so I also need to guard against any reaction with management and players therefore the timing is not really ideal but we can look to programme these again in the future if there is demand.

59 – What was the reasoning of increasing match day parking prices by 20% to the remaining loyal fans traveling to the hive? What additional costs are be incurred with parking to result in this?

We have an obligation to introduce flexible parking pricing and are investing £100k in the next six months on new barriers and works to improve our main entrance which we need to recover. We have also undertaken a pricing review and noted parking at some other clubs we have played (even out of London) range from £10-£15, Wembley is up to £40. Space is limited and our travel plan obligation is to promote public transport so ultimately the increase was the lowest we could introduce without lots of change issues at the tills.

60 – If as you highlighted in an earlier answer Mark McGhee is not the manager, when can we expect to get a proper permanent manager?

Sorry if my earlier note was not clear. Mark McGhee is our current manager and agreed to cover this role temporarily whilst we looked for a new Head Coach. There will be more news on this in the coming weeks.