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Chairman’s Mid Season Q&A | Answers 61-70

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61 – What now is the role of Rossi Eames, who showed considerable talent as a Head Coach, and had he not suffered the numerous critical player injuries, may well still have retained that position?

Rossi heads “player Development” and is working with the development of all our young players from the under 23s down to the youth and academy teams.

62 – The Hive does not have the Underhill ‘buzz’ more especially, at 2.45pm! Whatever way you cut (don’t look back and all that) it was IMPORTANT. The club has got to recreate the East Stand ticker tape, balloons, banter and U2, Guns N Roses songs and ‘come on you bees’ over the tannoy if it’s going to get the place rocking! It could be electric and, KEEP US UP

I have discussed this with the staff as I also believe we need better pre match entertainment and a build-up of the “Buzz” towards kick off. Interestingly, staff have pointed out that a lot of supporters stay inside and outside the bars until 2.55pm so this also has an effect on the build-up of the atmosphere but I agree we must find a way to make this better.


63 – Why is it taking so long to recruit a replacement for the first team coach position?  This has been vacant now for some time.

These questions on management, coaches and timescales are very difficult for me to answer as there is much that has to be kept confidential. I said I would be transparent but do hope you will understand that I cannot reveal all and need to be a little careful with my responses, rest assured the staff are working hard and we are doing the best we can.

64 – Mark McGhee has stated that the players aren’t good enough but you are stating that it is the injuries that have harmed this season.  Which one is it and why?

It’s actually probably both, we have a few that he has not even seen due to long term injuries and we know we are weak in certain areas that we need to strengthen. Players also suffer loss of form and some take time to get back up to speed after a lengthy injury but we do not set out to mislead our own supporters, it’s just a game of opinions.

65 – Why don’t we loan out our youth players in the Conference before trying them out in the first team in league 2 I understand injuries but even last season they were put into action without these players proving themselves in the league below? 

We loan out quite a few of our players for experience but I’m not sure whether this information is always announced. I will ask the media team to provide more updates to supporters in this regard. 

66 – Whilst being based in the midlands I have seen how the London Wasps moved to Coventry and how they have successfully attracted fans.  They have invited cubs, local schools, provided flags to the kids and invited them to do the wasps wiggle amongst other events.  This mix with success has brought a big following in an area where they had to start from scratch.  Have you considered looking at their ideas and applying to BFC?
Our community team has been tasked with coming up with some new initiatives to bring in new young fans over the next couple of months and fill the stadium. I don’t know about the “wasps wiggle” but we certainly need to get the place humming!

67 – With the news about Underhill being demolished what can be done to link to our history with past players to help us feel part of our history? I am proud of the hive and enjoy the facilities but it would be good to have former players doing talks/visits to games to help bridge the old and the new.

Although we have been side-tracked of late, we are still in the process of developing the Legends theme in the West Stand and making it look and feel more like home. This will extend to further branding and also entertainment so please feel free to email any specific suggestions you may have to

68 – What offers can be made to loyal fans who live a long way from the hive but support from a far? I have spent a lot of money supporting the Bees on shirts for my son and me, whilst travelling to games home and away.  The current offers do not fit for loyal fans who don’t/can’t attend every week.

We have constant offers here at The Hive and of course it’s hard to think of all groups but the latest five games for £50 seems tremendous value for all. There is also a 30% Jako discount on line and in the shop so hopefully there is something for everyone.

69 – Can you please clear something I read about some of the former players example Gary Phillips have said there do not feel welcome at The Hive is this why we never see former players at The Hive?

This is news to me as Gary is an old friend. Just this morning I was talking to Alf Darcy, a real legend, and Ian Hendon yesterday…I could go on but I am not aware of many with a gripe. From a personal perspective, I have to say that I am astounded by the sheer amount of fake news that surrounds a football club hence my Q&A. We really have nothing to hide and if you have a question then just ask, I really don’t care what the topic is (within the bounds of common decency) but let’s not let the few divide us all.

70 – You have often said because we are a London based club we have higher ticket prices how come Borehamwood, Crawley, Stevenage is lot cheaper and if we go down to non-league again who going to pay £25 to watch us crowds will go down to 500 will then change the prices also the view from the south terrace is rubbish not worth £19 

The price of property on a tube line is far higher than in Stevenage and the staff costs are also certainly greater. This all has a knock on effect with player wages, squad costs etc. etc. I went to the cinema the other day and the ticket was £17.90 and that was to watch a film….no stewards, no emergency services, no players, no match day staff, no officials…just a film!

I also think the prices are far too high but they are set as low as they can be to pay the bills and give us a competitive budget, we have to compete so I’m not sure what more I can do!