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Chairman’s Mid Season Q&A | Answers 81-90

Please note, these answers were written prior to the appointment of Graham Westley.

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81 – Why does the online shop list so many items which are in fact not available? Very frustrating! Should be tidied up!

Thanks for advising me of this. The ticketing and shop role is currently merged but we are appointing a new shop supervisor soon and will get them onto this as a priority.

82– Why are you continuing to extend the Hive capacity at this time when attendances are still small and well within the current stadium capacity? The matchday atmosphere is not helped by a half empty stadium.

The problem is that the divisions require a certain capacity in order for you to progress and I would like to see the stadium completed on four sides. I have to say that I have never understood quantity based criteria but it’s the way the Football League and Association work in the UK.

83  – I am very underwhelmed when I visit the club shop. The range of Barnet FC branded merchandise is very small compared to what it was in the past and also compared to other clubs. I appreciate you want to sell Jako only branded gear as well but the balance doesn’t seem right between club vs Jako gear.

I agree we would could do better hence why we are separating the existing merged role and hiring a new supervisor for the shop.

84  – As a club we seem to have taken a stance to not consider loan players. But surely the position we’re in with too many players contracted to the summer it seems the ideal time to use the loan market to improve the squad as it’s clearly less financially onerous than making permanent signings? 

It’s not that we will not consider loan players just that we don’t want to be a development club for other teams youth players so this is a last resort for us. We have no problem with loaning players in general, particularly good or experienced players not getting a regular position in their team.

85  – Not saying we need them but, are there concrete plans to sign additional player(s) in the January window, though who knows whether performances would improve?

We feel we need to strengthen in a couple of areas so have been assessing targets accordingly.

86  – Why is there no updates of injuries like telling us when player due back?

This very much depends on the Head Coach as some prefer not to announce these things. Personally I don’t think there is much to gain by not reporting back to supporters but I try not to fetter the judgement of the football people.

87  – Why is there no Supporters Association anymore?

They chose to disband in favour of the Supporters Trust. This was a shame because we had a very good working relationship with the old Association but we now have a good Liaison Group which represents the Supporters.

88  – Why do we have to email questions is it not possible to set a date for Supporters to ask questions directly to Chairman and he can answer questions straight away?

We can look at doing a supporters night. The last one wasn’t very well supported but the number of questions this time round suggests there are a lot of issues you would all like to discuss so will ask the media to try and set one up in the summer.

89  – Why is it necessary to appoint a high profiled manager rather than a manager who has done well in lower leagues and have a 5 year plan?

We need experience at our level so are looking to appoint someone with a good record in the lower Leagues of professional football.

90  – Have you ever considered affordable everyday wear for the club shop?

T-shirts start from only £5 and everything is 30% discount right now. They also have a catalogue with over 8,000 items so there should be something for everyone.