Barnet Football Club


We will simplify what we offer in order to serve the products you like the best really well.


Pecking Order will continue its extensive cocktail and bar drinks menu, and for food, will focus purely on its famous rotisserie chicken in order to ensure a speedy and top quality service. 


On matchdays, Legends Bar will be serving our premium chicken and steak burgers, and we are making changes to the kitchen staff to ensure an excellent product. 


The focus on doing fewer things, but doing them really well, will make us proud to improve your match day experience but it may take a little time for the change to bed in. 


We are working with our partner Heineken to address the product and equipment issues that have surfaced in Legends since they took over our pouring rights.  We hope this matter will be resolved soon.


In further news, we will shortly be launching an app so fans can order and pay for food from their seats, and pick it up without having to waste time waiting.  The app has been developed and we will test it over the next couple of weeks before release, so watch this space for more news.


Please bear with us while we make these changes.  We will continue to pay close attention to improving our service to fans and you can be assured we are all working as hard as we can for you.