Barnet Football Club



Chairman’s Q&A Part One

1. Do you believe the season was a success despite not achieving the ultimate target of promotion?

AAK: “On the field, I do not feel we have been successful at all and am very unhappy at the way we allowed the opportunity to at least qualify for the play-offs slip away. This is the worst finish in my twenty years as Chairman and those involved need to take a long look at themselves and ask if they could have done more over the season. We are now faced with a further cut in funding but despite this should have enough resources to mount a competitive challenge. I really can’t wait for next season to start.”
2. With the club now progressing very well off the pitch, how and what do you believe we still need to improve on – apart from strengthening the first team squad?

AAK: “We have made considerable progress off the pitch but need to keep improving which means a smoother and more efficient operation at The Hive and a better match day experience. On the pitch, we need a winning mentality because too many times we have lacked the instinct to get the job done and finish teams off.”
3. A less serious question to finish, is there any chance of a pre-season tour to Edinburgh or Scotland?

AAK: “We have no plans at present for such a tour.”
4. Can the Bees return to Barnet without Toshiba Medical Systems?

AAK: “The deal with Toshiba has nothing to do with whether or not we play our matches in Barnet. They will be our partners at The Hive for at least five years and to date they have been fantastic for our club.”
5. When will the medical centre be built?

AAK: “The machines are on their way from Japan and we are in final talks with a medical partner so if all goes well we hope to open the medical centre in the summer.”
6. When will sides and rear extension to West Stand happen?

AAK: “There is no intention to build sides on the stand as this will become an abortive cost should we extend to the corners in the future. The rear extension to the stand will depend on the outcome of the planning enquiry but the Council have now dropped their opposition to this.”
7. When will the north stand be installed and is it the south stand from Underhill?

AAK: “The planning allows for a seated stand similar to the South stand at Underhill but whether we relocate this or just build a new one is still undecided.”