Barnet Football Club



Chairman’s Q&A: Part Two

8. Are there any plans to change the East stand in regards to a balcony, roof for blocks A&B, larger roof for other blocks?

AAK: “As you know we inherited much of this design but we are working up plans to improve the East Stand. The extent of this work is undecided and dependent on crowds and available income but we are conscious of the height differential between the roof and stand seating.”
9. Are all the planning issues fully resolved?

AAK: “No, we still have to deal with an enquiry this summer which will hopefully be by written submission and then of course we have other planning applications we need to make in order to continue our development of The Hive.”
10. Does he have any future plans for the Hive?

AAK: “We have several plans and ideas which we are working up to improve the site and facility but a lot will depend on the stance of the Council after the elections. I hope to tell you more about these plans as they develop and will keep you informed if anything comes to fruition.”
11. Does he have any plans to allow the trust and Village a place to operate within the Hive?

AAK: “No, the Village Shop is something I created at Underhill as a bit of a play on the nickname given to John Adkins. It was just a sign that was put on the hut that he was already using to sell programmes and badges mainly to away fans. There is no requirement to operate mobile huts at the site and we do not have any spare location or need for another outlet. With regards to the Trust, this will depend on the objectives of the members and their support of the club.”
12. I’ve noticed that no-one is at the front gate on match days welcoming drivers into the Hive, it would make a huge difference if this was done in my opinion to allow away fans to get directions, advise people who are dropping off etc.?

AAK: “This seems a good idea and something we should look into but bear in mind steward’s salaries are significant so we will need to weigh up whether the benefit justifies the cost.”
13. Is there a plan for more signage outside both entrances and at the tube station to make the site easier to find and advertise the next event?

AAK: “We have made several applications for new signage to the planners but each application has been either rejected or delayed by Harrow Council. However, we are starting to make some progress and will continue working to improve the visibility of the site for next season.”
14. Is there plans or discussion with the council to stop match goers parking on Camrose Avenue as it blocks traffic and buses and makes it harder for cars to leave the car park? 

AAK: “We have been campaigning with our neighbours since 2010 to get a CPZ in the Camrose slip road and yellow lines painted opposite to stop people obstructing the entrance to the site and upsetting local residents. To date, these attempts have been blocked by the Council but we will continue to work with residents to find a way to resolve this ongoing issue. In the meantime we ask all supporters to park sensibly and I appreciate the efforts of the Trust to assist us with publicising this.”