Barnet Football Club


“We’ve trained well this week. We’ve worked on stuff for Saturday. We’ve been told to dust ourselves down and go again.”
Without giving too much away, Clough shared some of the teams Cheltenham preparations.
“Just a bit of shape. Get back to how we played against Portsmouth and Cambridge where we played well and were comfortable. We want to get back to being hard to beat, solid through midfield and in to defence.”
On the squads mood following a few tough weeks, Clough assured fans the team were ready to go again Saturday.
“It’ll take one win. A good performance and a win Saturday and lads will be back with confidence sky high.”
Clough went on to share what he thinks has not been quite right in the past few weeks.
“There’s been a lot of individual errors. We’ve played well and dominated games, but we haven’t won. Then your confidence drops. Once your confidence is low it’s hard to get it back up.”
“You’ve just got to keeping sticking at it and keep working hard, and hopefully it pays off.”
Clough encouraged the fans to stick by the team and ride through this brief bad patch.
“These periods happen in football. We will get it right. We have a good enough team. We all believe that. Stick with us and we’ll go again Saturday.”
“Hopefully we’ll get a result for the fans, for us, for everyone at the club."
"Eight games left, It’s all or nothing.”