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Club Statement: Dorking Wanderers

Dorking Wanderers Statement:

Following press comments this week relating to the recent FA Youth Cup tie between Dorking Wanderers under 18s and Barnet under 18s, Dorking Wanderers FC would like to publicly go on record to confirm that the article published in no way represent the feelings of the Dorking Wanderers board or club as a whole.

The management of the under 18s are responsible for their own conduct, and the behavior on the night which led to 5 red cards being issued including 2 to members of the management team, was completely unacceptable, as were the comments subsequently made regarding Barnet FC’s hospitality on the night. Several members of Dorking Wanderers Committee and management team attended on the evening, all of whom commented on the warm reception received and great hospitality at Barnet FC across the evening.

Dorking Wanderers Executive Director Kris Lea said: “As a board we are extremely disappointed by the comments made this week by members of our under 18s management regarding both the match officials and Barnet FC. We have strict club policies & an explicit youth code of conduct that all Dorking Wanderers players, management and staff are expected to strictly adhere to, which not only applies to match days but also conduct off the pitch, including online and when speaking to the press. Clearly this code has been broken, and an internal enquiry has started which will lead to disciplinary proceedings for the appropriate individuals”.  

Lea continued: “As a member of the Board of Dorking Wanderers FC I would like to apologise to Barnet FC’s officials and staff for both the behavior on the night and subsequent derogatory comments made via the Press. Barnet are an excellent, well established club with a highly professional set-up from top to bottom, and we aspire be at their level one day both on the playing side and in terms of infrastructure”.

Neither Club will make further comment at this time.