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The Barnet Walking Football Club hold some of the largest walking football sessions in the country at The Hive London. 


Walking Football is a slower paced version of the beautiful game aimed at (but not limited to) over 50’s. It is designed to help people stay active as well as improve their health, fitness and get those back playing football who may have had to stop due to injuries.


Walking Football comes with a number of physical, social and psychological health benefits leading to a better quality of life. Our team also run a series of social activities and fundraising events to support charities close to the team’s hearts.


The Barnet Walking Football team has been in action since 2016 and are currently members of the Middlesex Central Walking Football League.


Shaun Sherrick and his team have been community champions over the last few years donating food to food banks and supplying schools with new equipment. The Barnet Walking Football team were recognised for their work at the Barnet Community Awards last year being nominated for two awards. Shaun also won the volunteer of the year at the awards evening.


The Barnet Walking Football team have worked tirelessly to grow the walking football club which now has over 80 players aged between 50-90 that train and play at The Hive London.


With funding from the National League Trust, The Hive Foundation will be putting on new Wednesday walking football sessions.


Foundation Manager, Dan Barton said:

“At Barnet FC, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and thriving community, and our Walking Football programme stands as a testament to that commitment.


Walking Football isn’t just a sport; it’s a platform that transcends age and abilities, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to stay active, engaged, and connected. Beyond the physical aspect, it fosters camaraderie, promotes mental well-being, and creates a sense of belonging among participants.


Our programme isn’t solely about kicking a ball; it’s about breaking barriers, enhancing health, and nurturing a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome. It’s a testament to our belief that football is for everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.


Thanks to our partnership with the National League Trust who part funded this project, we see firsthand the positive impact it has on our community, fostering friendships, promoting healthy lifestyles, and strengthening the bonds that unite us. The joy and sense of accomplishment witnessed on the pitch speak volumes about the transformative power of this programme.


We are immensely proud of the Walking Football programme and its role in enriching lives within our community. It embodies the ethos of Barnet FC, where inclusivity and community spirit are at the core of everything we do.”


You can join our new Wednesday walking football sessions here




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