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Barnet FC Community Trust has been working in partnership with London Borough of Harrow, the Metropolitan Police and Harrow schools deliver a Transition project aimed at helping young people equip themselves for the leap to secondary school, into growing up and making them aware that they are responsible for making the right choices.  
The project encourages open discussion about their fears and apprehensions, to show that their peer group often feel the same way.  
Transition then focuses on how their behaviour and overall responsibility brings about positive changes not only within their groups but in the wider community, leading to a better understanding of the impact of their actions. 
It engages the children in a positive and fun activity that delivers a strong message. Barnet FC Community Trust coaches and Metropolitan Police officers deliver workshops on personal safety and community responsibility with worksheets, safety cards and competition, which is supported by fun sports / football sessions and player visits. The culmination of the project will include an awards event and football tournament at the Hive Football Centre.  
School Testimonials
Newton Green School 
Mrs Bland – Yr 6 Teacher “The course/workshop was well planned and focused well on the elements of safety and transition. The presenters/deliverers were passionate and clear with their points and learning they wanted to get across. The whole of the class learnt so much about confidence, attitude, safety and many more transition skills”
Suraj –  Year 6 class member “ It was great fun and it has really helped me a lot to show how to stay safe in public and the transmission to High School.
Jay – Year 6 class member “I absolutely loved this session because I think it is essential that we help each other to prepare for High school and learn how to stay safe at all times.
Sunita – Year 6 class member “I think that it has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much about how to keep safe. I will always use this information to help me through thick and thin!!!
Alyewood School 

Mr Mcloughin – Class Teacher “Very informative with many valuable and important lessons for the children at this critical age”
Holly – Year 6 class member “I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and learnt that I should always listen to my personal alarm and stay away from Facebook and Twitter until I am old enough
Max  – Year 6 class member “ The lesson was a very enjoyable experience and we learnt some very valuable life lessons about theft and how you can stop yourself getting into trouble – I would like to say thank you to Barnet Football Club for the experience”