Barnet Football Club



Currie pleased with resilient win over Chorley

On the performance

One of our best passages of play was probably our goal. It was a good bit of movement from Simeon and a good little slide pass and he did what you get taught as a forward, shoot across goal and the ‘keeper parries it and McCallum does what he does. McCallum in all fairness should have got one in the second half, a header that normally is his bread and butter and he’s probably as shocked as anyone that he hasn’t made it 2-0 but listen, none of these games are going to be easy. There are many ways of winning football matches.

We’ve won some games of late through some really good attacking play, is some good patterns, in some good passages and today we’ve had to roll our sleeves up in windy conditions and grind it out if you want to call it that. At the end of the day, we’re on the road, playing a team fighting for their lives, we’ve kept a clean sheet and we are taking three points home.

On McCallum’s poacher instinct

You can help improve players with that. There is certain people and I know from my own playing days with certain strikers, that can just sniff out being in the right place at the right time. Some of it is very natural and something you can’t teach people. With McCallum’s record over time, I would suggest its quite natural for him to be there at the right time. Credit to him, he’s made the impact that we all hoped he would make when he was coming through the door, but I do believe there is more to come from him and I do all the other players, we’re always striving for better. We’re on the road today and we’ve had to win in a different way, and we’ve done that. I’m very pleased.

On Dan Sweeney

He made some good decisions on the ball and he’s a powerful boy. Maybe could have had a goal himself today as well with a couple of decent shots. I think he’s done very well in there today. His contribution in the abandoned game on Tuesday was very good as well. His all for McCallum’s goal in that game which is obviously not going to count now was a great ball in. We looked solid today.

They played okay Chorley, passed the ball around okay. I do look at what Loach has had to do today, and he’s not had to make a save but he’s had to deal with some crosses and aerial balls, but he hasn’t had to make a save which tells me that the guys in front of him have looked solid. We look solid through the middle of the pitch when you look at the experience, the size, the power, the athleticism and ultimately the quality as well. Really pleased with all of them today but Sweeney rightly so.

On the reaction from the last defeat at Solihull Moors

We could have easily come away with a point which we warranted but it wasn’t to be. We’ve responded with our next game and we’ve won and that’s all we can do. It’s very pleasing to get back to winning ways. I haven’t checked the results around us but I’ll look on the way home and everyone will get excited by what they see and obviously how we’ve won the game today but it’s one game at a time, we’ll come in Monday and prepare to the best of our ability for Tuesday.

On the fans

I mention it as often as I can, the fans that came today got right behind the team and you could hear them cheering them on. They’re going to be going home pleased and naturally happy with another win but the role they can play is going to be huge for us and my only hope is that we get a few more through the door at The Hive London. I understand at times the weather plays its part and there are issues but if it takes begging I will beg for your support. Get behind the boys because we’ve got an exciting run-in.