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Currie: “There’s this togetherness growing and it’s getting tighter”

The Bees face a side relegated from League Two last season and the boss admitted that it will be a very difficult test but one he’s very much looking forward to:

“I haven’t really taken much notice of their results. They’ll be a decent side and they’ve signed decent players.

“They’re probably similar to Yeovil and very similar to how we were last summer when you come out of the Football League, make signings and it can take time for a team to gel.

“We’re obviously a year further on that that and we’re starting to see the benefits of everyone working together regularly.

“We’re starting to look like a decent side but they’ve made the signings so let’s hope they take a little bit longer than tomorrow to gel and click into place. I’m sure they will as the season goes on.

“It’s a huge club for this level, they’ve got a great manager who’s a really good guy as well, so I anticipate it being a very tough game.

“I’m really looking forward to it because the surface is always good there, they have a nice big pitch and we’re going there confident.

“We know what we’re going there to try and achieve so we’re in a good place.”

Currie was full of admiration for the fans after Tuesday night’s game and his praise was extended today as he hopes to see the same backing tomorrow evening:  

“Our fans have been terrific and I keep saying it and I’ll keep complimenting them because since I’ve taken over, they’ve been hugely supportive of me and the team.

“I sense there is this togetherness growing and it’s getting tighter and tighter each game, each good performance so they’ll come along hopefully in numbers tomorrow.

“I know one or two will chose to stay at home and sit in the armchair or go down to the pub and watch it. Fair play but I’m sure we’ll be well supported from all angles.”

Charlee Adams, Ricardo Santos, Andre Boucaud and Elliott Johnson were all left out from the squad on Tuesday night and the boss provided his reasoning behind their absence:

“Charlee and Ricardo can’t play on 4g through precaution because of the surface and the injuries they potentially carry.

“Andre missed a couple of weeks where he had to have an injection and to get the maximum out of the injection, you have to leave it for 14 days.

“He could have potentially played after nine or ten days but then you run the risk of the injection not having the full impact, so we’ve had to manage Andre as well.

“As for Elliott, with the thigh strain he got at St Albans, he felt it again through the week so I’ve just wanted to make sure that he gets a good three or four days training in to encourage us that he’s over it. However, the four of them have trained.”

Currie furthered his injury update by providing the current status of Mauro Vilhete, Dan Sweeney and Shaq Coulthirst:

“I’m very hopeful that Sweeney and Mauro will be back up and running on the grass towards the end of the month.

“Shaq certainly isn’t 100% fit where we all know he can be. He’s a real nuisance when he’s fit, he covers a lot of grass, he’s physically strong and he’s got mental sharpness as well.

“He’s getting there, it just might take a little bit of time. He’s training everyday so that’s the plus.”

The boss then went on to ensure that a search for a new striker is still ongoing and is hopeful of getting one through the door before next Tuesday’s game against Dover:

“Without getting carried away, there’s a couple of situations that are bubbling away that won’t be in place by the Notts County game but I’m hopeful and I’ll always be hopeful that we’re going to have someone in place before the Dover match.”