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Curtis Weston: “It’s a good away point”

Barnet midfielder Curtis Weston was pleased to come away from St James’ Park with a well-earned point, following yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Exeter City.
Looking back on the match, Curtis said:
“I don’t think that it was the best of games, but I think that we dug in.
“It’s a good away point because they’re doing well.”
The Bees’ scorer described his goal and reflected on his own performance, saying:
“It was a great ball in from Elliott Johnson on the left – their full back just missed the header and it came to me.
“I just tried to get something on it, and luckily it’s gone over the keeper and into the corner of the net. 
“Overall I was pleased with my performance, more so in the second half.
“The first half was tough; they had a lot of the ball and we did a lot of chasing. 
“But as I said we dug in – John won the penalty too, and he was unlucky not to score that.
“We would have got three points if that had gone in, so obviously that’s a little disappointing.
“But besides that it was a good performance. 
“As the manager said, you have to look at the amount of goals that John Akinde has scored for us. 
“The amount of games that he’s won us with ‘one-nil, John Akinde’, you can’t really criticise him for the miss.
“I think he’s spot on there – John is only human!
“It happens, we’re all behind him, and now we’ll go again on Monday.”
Harry Taylor, Justin Nwogu and Fumnaya Shomotun all played for the Bees, and Curtis was impressed by their performances:
“I thought that the youngsters did really well,” he said. 
“We’ve all told them that they did brilliantly.
“Harry Taylor played the full game, and it was probably a bit different to what the youngsters are used to in the Under 21s. 
“But they stepped up and did excellently.”
Finally, the midfielder looked ahead to Monday’s match against Luton Town, saying:
“We’re at home against Luton, and we like to think that we’re pretty strong at The Hive.
“The Oxford match was a little bit disappointing, but apart from that we’ve been really good at home.
“Hopefully on Monday we’ll just go again and see what team the manager picks. 
“There were a couple of youngsters in the side today, and maybe we’ll see that again on Monday – I’m not too sure, you’ll have to ask the manager about that!
“I know that Luton are a good outfit.
“They’ve got some good players down there and it’s a good set up.
“It’ll be a tough game, it always is.
“It’s a local derby and they’ll want to come and get three points. 
“But we want exactly the same, especially at home.”