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Darren Currie: “It was the best way to start the season”

Simeon Akinola won a penalty on the hour mark before the forward stepped up and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way, scoring the only goal of the game.

It was a great start for the Bees and the boss was delighted with the result but added that there is still room for improvement:

“Three points, clean sheet, in that respect it is a perfect start. Can we play better? There’s no doubt.

“I know they can play better, they know they can play better but one thing that I want us to be different this season is coming away from games like that when you’re not quite at your best but you win the game 1-0.

“We’ve got 46 opportunities to win 28 or 29 games and of them games, I’ll take 15 of them every day of the week.

“We’re going to have our moments where we pass the ball to death and hurt teams in different ways but the way we stood up at the end when they were lumping balls down our throat, Ricardo and Callum were absolute monsters for us today but they were two of 11 plus subs that I felt worked as hard as they possibly could to get us the three points and a nice start to the season.

“There are going to be games where we don’t pass the ball in a beautiful way that I want to see but we’ve had opportunities, we’ve created opportunities.

“I think we hit the bar; Simeon’s had a glorious chance that he put straight at the ‘keeper so there were opportunities to make it a tiny bit more comfortable.

“The one or two chances they created for themselves, Loach was brilliant in goal and it’s the best way to start the season.

“It can reinforce all the work and all the effort we’ve put in in pre-season and now we’ve got off on the right foot which is pleasing for everyone.”

James Dunne made his debut yesterday after signing last weekend and Currie was full of praise for the midfielder:

“(He was) unbelievable. Considering he’s only trained for a few days, he hasn’t done much football training, he’s done a lot of private training and boxing training.

“That just shows you he’s only going to get better than that the fitter he gets. He snaps into tackles, he breaks it up and he keeps the ball simple. I thought he was unbelievable today.”