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Darren Currie on player departures

It was announced earlier today that Dan Sweeney, Cheye Alexander, Dan Sparkes and Callum Reynolds will not be involved in the Bees playoff squad and Currie was quick to highlight his gratitude for their service to the Club. 

Dan Sweeney:

“Sweens has been immense for the Club and whenever he has played for the Club he has played with passion, with courage. I am really pleased with how he has performed since I have been in charge, I think he has been a mainstay in the team. He always is striving to be better, we have always had a good relationship. He moves on to a league club and I am delighted for him.”

Cheye Alexander 

Cheye has improved week in week out, that’s been proven this year. The fans voted him as most improved player, so I think they can see the obvious improvement he has made. I understand he moves on to a league one club, so he moves up two divisions which is great for him. It was a similar conversation with him and Sweeney, they didn’t want to jeopardise this opportunity. Cheye moves on with my gratitude and respect as well.”

Callum Reynolds 

“Callum hasn’t been able to agree on a contractual situation with the Club to cover the play offs. He was keen to be around it, but there were one or two issues that couldn’t be ironed out. I didn’t think Cal was being a bad captain, but once that armband came away from him, he was able to concentrate a little bit more on his own play and what he could contribute to the team. He was immense and he’ll be a loss because he is a wonderful player and he got us playing. Cal is another loss, gratitude and respect for him, he is a great lad and I wish him well for the next step in his career”. 

Dan Sparkes 

“Dan is in a similar situation in the fact that he couldn’t agree contractually with something he was comfortable with and didn’t want to jeopardise a move that could come his way. I’ve been a player and I completely understand the situation. They all leave with my respect and I wish them well for the future.”