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Darren Currie: “We’ve started half asleep in the last three games and it isn’t good enough”

The hosts had to come from two goals down at half-time to seal the point after Jean-Yves Koue Niate and Armani Little both found the net before the half-hour mark.

However, Barnet hit back in the second period courtesy of Ephron Mason-Clark and Jack Taylor.

After the game, Currie praised his side’s second half fight back but gave a brutally honest review of a disappointing first period:

“It certainly couldn’t have gotten any worse, they were absolutely pathetic in the first half. What they’ve got to understand is I want us to be a passing team and you’ve got to identify the right times to pass it.

“In the first half, it was clear that they wanted to press us and we, for that first 15 minutes, weren’t good enough to play through their press.

“We weren’t intelligent enough to stop doing the wrong things. We played into their hands so in the second half, we asked them to play forward more and play in the opposition’s half because what we’ve got in Loach is a goalkeeper with great kicking attributes, so we need to use that a bit more.

“It doesn’t always have to be pretty from the back. Sometimes there’s going to be games where we can play around people and play through people.

“However, we’ve got to be bright enough identify that if their pressing us, we’ve got to play forward a bit more. We were absolutely dumb in the first half, bad decision making and a real lack of energy.

“I’ve asked them what we could have done better in the second half and none of them really spoke about football things, they just said ‘work harder’ and ‘fought a bit harder.’ It’s amazing.

“When you work hard and you fight for each other, things start to fall for you and in the end, we should have won the game but the first half, rubbish, not good enough.”

“We’ve started half asleep in the last three games and it isn’t good enough.

“Trust me, we’re saying the opposite so we’re going to have to look at that and find a way, with a game plan and some ideas, to not start the way where we have to keep coming from behind, giving ourselves a mountain to climb.

“We nearly climbed it today because in the second half, we were excellent.

“You aren’t always going to recover games if you keep going behind early. We were just hopeless in the first half.

“In the second half, they deserved all the credit. That’s how we have to play all the time.”

Josh Walker returned to the starting line-up after a spell on the side-lines and the boss was pleased with his return to the pitch.

“He’s a prime example of how the first goal came about. It wasn’t a perfect ball to him, not the ball that he would have probably wanted but a ball which gave him the chance to chase something.

“He’s very good at hunting people down and using his body because he’s a powerful boy and then his composure to pick Ephron out.

“That is the game, it isn’t going to be perfect every time. He’s chased a lost cause and got us back in the game.

“That type of effort and in devour should be the minimum requirement and we lacked that in the first half.”