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Davids Frustrated Following Wrexham Draw

The head-coach was also sent off for elbowing Stephen Wright but he admitted his actions were justly punished.
Speaking after the game Davids praised his side but stated that they must learn for their mistakes or continue to be punished.
“I am very disappointed that we only took one point from the game because in certain parts I thought we played very well.
“I think we played really well in the first-half against a very strong team. It was too bad they scored a goal but once again this season we have conceded an incredible goal so you can only applaud.”
He added: “Strikes like that are almost impossible for the goalkeeper to save but the lesson to be learnt is to not concede free-kicks close to the box.”
With one minute of normal time remaining a mass brawl broke out on the edge of the Barnet box which resulted in a double sending off, Davids admitted his over eagerness to retain the ball was to blame.                                                                                                                                                                       
“I’ve got the ball and he wanted to get it off me. I was just a little bit too eager to hold onto the ball and he ran into my elbow. 
“If you look at it from that perspective my intention is to protect the ball. But from the other point of view you can give a red card. So it is what it is.” 
He continued: “I don’t have too many complaints because if you do something with aggression then you can hurt somebody. So it is fair enough and it is a red card. My intention was to protect the ball though.” 
Curtis Weston was subject to a horror challenge from Johnny Hunt in the wake of Davids’ red card and the head-coach admits the midfielder’s absence will be a big loss.
“I haven’t seen the injury to Curtis but we will have to examine it tomorrow. If it is a bad one he will be a big loss because he is one of the players who will start games.”
Davids has been with Barnet for over one-year and although he is enjoying his time he insists there is a lot of work to go. 
“I have enjoyed my time but I am always very critical in my own performance so I want to keep improving as a player and as a coach.”
“I want to develop my skills and it has been a long road but we’re still on it and we will keep improving together.”
Davids did however put the main focus on his players rather than his own personal development.
“I am still very positive about my development as a coach but it is important for me that the players improve because some of them can go and play higher up.
“I hope I can give them the guidance to excel and then maybe one day they will be playing at the top in the Premier League.”
One of those players who he would love to see excel at the club is new loan signing Dani Lopez.
“I am very happy that Dani is back at the club. We only had one day to integrate him into the team but we hope he will do good things here.”