Barnet Football Club


Edgar Davids has invited Everton captain Phil Neville to The Hive following the midfielder’s comments about the club’s facilities. 
The 36-year-old, who collected 59 caps for England, clearly failed to do his homework before commenting on the Bees’ new home which Brazil used last month in preparation for their friendly against the Three Lions at Wembley.
Speaking to the Liverpool Echo the former Manchester United man offered what can only be described as an inaccurate description of The Hive: 
"I think it’d be good for your experience to coach and manage down there, to go through the types of things that Edgar Davids is going through at the moment (at Barnet) because he’s been used to the best things in life and now he’s got to really coach.
"He won’t have 20 balls, he’ll probably have five or six, he won’t have many cones, they’ll be training on a park pitch where there’s maybe dogs running across the training pitch and this is where he’ll have to learn his trade again."
Davids, who represented Holland 74 times, replied by inviting Neville down to North London for the day to see what the Npower League Two club has to offer, he said: 
“I invited him down for the day on Twitter. It is just a little bit of banter. Everybody knows we have a great complex here at The Hive and I am sure his intentions were good.
“I hope he can make the trip down to North London to see how we are getting on and what we have here.
“The Hive is definitely one of the best training complexes I have played at. It is very highly regarded and so is the academy we have here. Both are a very high level.” 
Earlier Davids tweeted Neville the following: "@fizzer18 U will def have fun in the lower leagues, we do have enough cones @ Barnet, guess which dog is the only one allowed on the pitch?"
Followed by: "@fizzer18 U are welcome to come to the Hive>"