Barnet Football Club


The Dutchman didn’t feature in a playing capacity but was pleased with what he saw as goals from Luke Gambin and Jake Hyde, twice, secured the win.
Speaking post-match Davids described the win as ‘the perfect start’ but he admitted the Bees need to improve in certain areas moving forward.
“It’s the perfect start. Our priority today was to get a positive result and three points is very positive.
“We started off better than I expected. We’ve got three points and three goals so in the end it was a good result. But I am not happy with some parts in the game.
Despite starting with a win there will be no time for celebration with Davids stating that improvements must be made. 
“A couple of things need changing and I think the interaction between certain lines needs to be improved. So we will have to work on it.”
“I think in the first half I saw some spells that will be very important for us. There are a lot of things we can improve.
Davids continued by explaining that despite not featuring he picked the best team to play on the day.
“I think that was the best side to pick today. It depends what shape the squad is in and what shape I am in because it’s important the best players play.
He also hopes that the team can do the superb facilities at The Hive justice with more victories. 
“I think if you have the facilities we have today it is a massive change from last year. I just hope we can translate that into positive results moving forward. 
Momentum will be key if the Bees hope to sustain and execute a promotion challenge but Davids doesn’t believe the first ten games will be pivotal in deciding who goes up and who goes down.
“I don’t think the first ten games will be decisive. We have to evaluate where we are in three or four months because we play a lot of games in this division.
“You only have to look at Kidderminster and Barnet last season, they turned it around and we almost survived after a tough start to the season.