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Dean Selvey post Liverpool (A): “We got what we wanted out the game”

Under-21 coach Dean Selvey insists the Bees’ management got what they wanted from Tuesday’s 4-1 friendly loss to Liverpool’s Under-23s.
A first-half goal from Ephron Mason-Clark ensured Barnet went in 2-1 down at half-time at Melwood before the Premier League side enhanced their lead with two further goals after the break.
Senior players David Tutonda, Dan Sweeney, Ryan Watson and Samuel Muggleton all started for Barnet and Selvey felt the whole experience was worthwhile.
“There were some good individual performances and we saw what we needed to see from a few players. It was a good day all round and Rossi, Henry and I got out of the game what we wanted,” Selvey said.
“It was a good day for the boys and for us to get up there and have a look at some players who are playing at a really high level and hoping to become Premier League footballers. 
“For a large part of the game we did well. Our in possession stuff wasn’t as good as we would have liked it to have been and we didn’t really show how good we were. 
“There were glimpses of it in the first half but we were slightly negative out of possession. We gave them too much respect and didn’t want to press too high thinking it was Liverpool.
“At half time it was 2-1 and we had some really good chances in the first half. We got into the final third a few times but our quality wasn’t good enough and their transition was a little bit better than ours in both directions, which you would expect from a Premier League team.
“But when it comes down to attitude and wanting to get to the football first it was a little bit disappointing from our side because if you are a young footballer you want to play in big, high-level fixtures and it doesn’t get bigger than playing a Premier League club at their training ground.”
Barnet: McKenzie-Lyle; Day, Smith, Payne, Muggleton; Sweeney, Fonguck, Watson; Mason-Clark, Trialist, Trialist.
You can watch Dean’s full video interview below: