Barnet Football Club


Good afternoon.

This afternoon I have had chats with our younger players regarding their futures. This is always the toughest afternoon that I personally face. There are tears of joy and happiness, and sadly tears, upset and disappointment.

I must stress that all our young players that have worked here have had a great attitude. They have conducted themselves in the right way and embraced the very difficult, challenging and tough physical training, to fast track them forward into men’s football.

Wesley Fonguck, Shane Cojocarel and Justin Nwogu have all been offered new contracts to stay. Sadly Joe Gater, Ryan Gondoh and Charlie Kennedy have not had their contracts extended.

I will do all I can to help these three lads find clubs, and help them on their way. I sincerely hope that they bounce back, believe in themselves and go on to have good careers in football. All three of them are great lads and we will all miss them.

Take care.