Barnet Football Club




New signing Dominic Vose is hoping to have a big impact during his time at Underhill after joining the club on February 1 2013.
Vose, 19, was released by West Ham United in December and despite a trial at Stoke City he has signed a one-year deal with the Bees.
Vose sat down for an exclusive chat with – And you can read what the midfielder had to say now…
Firstly Dominic, Welcome to Barnet Football Club…
"Thank you very much, it is great to be here.”
How does it feel to complete the move?
"It is great. Now I want to crack on and get my name out there because I feel like my career has been at a standstill for a while now. Like I said I am very pleased to be here.”
You began your career at West Ham United who are known for their excellent youth system, you must have taken a lot from your time there?
“Yes of course and even though things did not work out I have not got a bad word to say about the club and I wish them all the luck going forward.”
Have you spoken to the former West Ham United players at the club about Barnet and what to expect?
“I have spoken to a few of the boys like Antony Edgar, Jordan Brown and Olly Lee who I know very well. They told me that if I come in and work hard then I will get the opportunity to play so that is exactly what I intend to do.”
For Barnet fans who don’t know much about you and your career, what sort of player are you and how do you like to play?
“I would say I am an exciting player who likes to create chances and make things happen. I also score a few goals so hopefully the fans will like me, I am a crowd pleaser.”
Are you confident you’ll be able to adapt to League Two football?
“It is always going to be different moving to a new club in a new league but to me playing first-team football in League Two means a lot more than academy or reserve football. I am confident I can adapt quickly and start 
helping the team sooner rather than later.”
We know you can play in a few different positions, but which is your favorite?
“Personally I like playing centre midfield or a little more advanced in the hole. I have not been given a set position for a while now and I have been playing on both flanks but as a preference I would like to play in the centre of the park.”
So in the future you could potentially be starting in midfield alongside Edgar Davids…
“That would be amazing, he has played with some of the best players in the world and I am sure I will be able to learn a lot from him. Hopefully we will be in their together at some point.”
Did the fact that he is the manager play a role in you coming to the club?
“Of course, he is a big name and he is going to push the club forward. The facilities also played a key part because they are incredibly good and they will also help the club progress.”
Which of your new teammates are you most looking forward to playing with?
“Edgar Davids of course but also John Oster who is a very good, experienced player. To be honest I am looking forward to playing with everyone because they all bring different things to the table.”
Hopes for the rest of the season?
“I hope to break into the team and help the club to move up the league table, a couple of goals along the way would also be nice.”