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Eames: “It’s important we finish in a positive manner.”

“Again the players had trained with intent. It’s been competitive and feisty at times, with the players never wanting to loose and carrying on where we left off on Saturday.”
Nothing has changed in terms of preparation, with Eames and his side refusing to wind-down with the end of the season fast approaching.
“We have prepared the same as the past couple of weeks.
Focusing on us, sticking to our principles of working harder then the opposition and using the ball well when we win it back. 
I have studied Crewe with Daniel our analyst and we will drip feed any info the players need on them, but it will be about us and how we prepare.”
Eames is looking forward to the final game and ending the season on a high note.
“It’s important we finish in a positive manner for the fans but also for the club and ourselves. 
I believe in a culture of top mentality and professionalism and we all want the fans who make the trip up to Crewe to be happy when they leave the ground. 
They were excellent on Saturday at Home and watching the game back I could hear some great songs being sung.”
The last few games have seen an injection of youth into the First Team side, and that’s something that Eames is looking to continue.
“I think it’s important to perform well and keep breeding the mentality that every match you must be consistently at the top of your game but also learning at the same time. 
It’s been excellent to bring through the more younger players into the set up. We saw Wesley make his first start and also Darnell Smith on the bench. The senior players have been excellent in looking after them and passing on their knowledge.”
Eames ended by praising the fans for their support, not just in the games where he’s been in charge, but for the entire season.
“To all the fans that have travelled home and away this year from myself, the staff and the players, a big thank you! We all know you take a huge amount of time out of your weeks to follow us around the country and spend your hard earned money in doing so. 
When you all sing loud it lifts the players and again tomorrow we will make sure we perform to entertain you and get you off your seats. 
Once again thanks for all your support and messages. 
Enjoy the game!”