Barnet Football Club


On being back in a Barnet shirt 

Yeah, I’m really pleased, I am happy to be back with the boys now. I feel fitter, sharper, stronger. I had to go out on loan to get some games and show people what I can do.

On his performance

I thought I did alright today. When it came to me I looked after it, I gave it away a couple of times, but I’m still learning.

But overall I thought I did really well today!

On his time with Dorking Wanderers

Dorking play a similar way to Barnet, so that actually helped me out. So I’ve learnt a lot.

They play a 3-5-2 and they play football as well, they pass it around. I learnt about getting in the pockets and getting in behind when the time is right. Overall I feel like I have learnt a lot.

On his goals for the new year 

Hopefully, get us into the playoffs and win those play-offs, if not win the league. Hopefully, I can help the team get back to where they want to be.