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Every Word: Scott Loach reacts to Chorley win

On the performance

It’s never going to be pretty is it? To be fair, I’m going to give them credit before I start off because they tried to play the right way and it’s unfortunate to see them down there because the way they try to play football is the right way and they’re not actually bad. They made it a tough game. We had the perfect start which has probably been the opposite for us in previous games. With the experience we have and ability in the team, going 1-0 up definitely steady’s the ship. I wasn’t really tested today so credit to the lads who got a hold of the game. They did have some spells, but I think we managed it well.

On grinding out the result

If you look at the conditions, we were against the wind in the first half and to get the win behind you in the second half, with McCallum’s ability in the air, you’ve always got a good chance. Their ‘Keeper made one of the best saves we’ve seen this season to be fair to him. If that goes in its 2-0 and it could go on to be three of four. I think 1-0 is not a bad thing because if you can get over the line like that, then you would definitely take eight more of them before the end of the season.

On the quality in front of him

I think when we’re on it, you’re still going to let goals in, and teams are going to have spells where I’m busy but that’s my job. I think it starts from the front with McCallum now having that big presence and that’s no disrespect to Simeon or Josh because they’ve been excellent this season, but they need the help of McCallum as well with his experience and strength up there. It kind of gives us a bit of fear factor as well. Teams will now play us and think “ahh no, they’ve got McCallum”, it kind of gives us a bit of a one-up on them already.

On the rest of the season

We’ll take it one game at a time. We’re fortunate that we’ve got quite a few games in hand. It’s not going to be plain sailing all the way. Dagenham have picked up, bringing in new players and a new manager. We’ve just got to take it one game at a time. We’ve lost to Solihull, but we bounced back today and if that’s the case for the rest of the season, if we win every other one we’re going to get into the playoffs. We’ve just got to have that consistency from now until May. In regard to the FA Trophy, I don’t want to say too much but it’s a team that everyone is going to expect us to beat but we need to be professional about it and get the job done and over the line.

On the fans

We’ve had great support. Whether there is 50 who travel or 200 who travel, to get any who brave this weather, it’s been horrific these last two or three weeks, whenever there is a bit of a setback, they are still there in numbers and that’s why we need to put these performances in. These people pay their money and they deserve at least a performance and they’re getting that now. Maybe not the way we want to play football but we’re getting the nitty-gritty and showing that desire. We’ve said all along if you’re showing that desire now then they go away happy.