Barnet Football Club



Fan Feedback: Open letter

The below information is for fans, in response to a recent letter on pricing which the supporter asked to be published on the website.

Thank you for taking the time to write in to us on such an important matter. In order to better clarify our position, I will try to repeat each point you have made and answer it individually.

1. On providing Memberships with dedicated seats: We do provide these for families and the rate for kids is set at only £6 per month. This is classed as a Junior Membership and at the time of purchase you may choose your seat.

2. On "Championship level pricing": There are a number of factors that go into the pricing matrix in order to determine the cost to supporters. To name a few, these include:


        – The playing budget vs broadcasting income;

        – The geographical location of the ground;

        – The cost to run and maintain the facilities;

        – The availability of labour and general staff costs;

        – Please also bear in mind that 20% of your ticket price goes direct to the Government as VAT.

At The Hive, we have a £26 million complex based in London and designed to the highest standards. The site does not operate for profit, so any restructuring in pricing would have a corresponding reduction in playing budget.

Setting prices is always difficult but we would like to think we have got it about right for the majority of fans. We consider our Membership scheme to be outstanding value and one of the best programmes currently available in professional football.

3. On the loyalty discount promotion: We believed that we needed to better target our promotional offers and our software writers are producing a more bespoke package, so that we may focus the discount across all of our products and services offered. This is currently under further testing.

4. On the lack of a season-long family deal: We do not have a ‘Family Membership’ but you are able to purchase matchday tickets for a family at reduced rates, which may all be purchased far in advance of the matchday, via our online Ticket Office or calling The Hive on 02083813800. However, the individual Membership prices make this a very affordable family proposition also.

As requested, we will post this reply on the website whilst keeping your details anonymous. Your loyal support is valued but we are trying to balance the high salary costs associated with modern day professional football with the need to make entertainment as affordable as possible.