Barnet Football Club




Barnet Football Club are travelling to Gateshead to take all three points according to Luke Gambin.
The team set off for the long journey north at 1pm on Friday and caught up with the winger ahead of second consecutive away fixture.
Tuesday saw the Bees pick up a point against Tamworth and although Gambin would accept another point he revealed that they’re going for all three. 
“We’re looking to get three points but that is what we aim for before every match we play.
“Tuesday’s match was a draw and ultimately we were happy with a point but hopefully we can take all three against Gateshead.”
The Lambs played hard on Tuesday and Gambin admitted it was a bit of an eye opener but now he has an insight he will use it to his advantage.
“Tuesday’s match was a bit of an eye opener for me. It was very tough but it has given us an insight into what some games in the league will be like.
“Now we have to take that insight and put it towards helping us secure three points on Saturday.”
Gambin also revealed that team spirit has never been higher and that it will help the Bees wherever they travel.
"All the new lads are getting on well and they have been welcomed into the group. Training has been a lot of fun since we got back.
"We have a great team spirit at the moment and we will carry it all the way to Gateshead this weekend." 
He continued by explaining that it was somewhat lacking last season and that this year the entire group have a common goal. 
"We all have our set goals and we are all aiming for the same thing this season. Hopefully it will all come true by the end. 
"I would probably take another point this weekend but we will definitely go for the win. If it doesn’t happen it will still give us a good platform going into a home match next weekend."
Earlier in the day a video of Gambin dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean appeared online, *looks the other way*, here is his take on the video but make your own minds up by watching the clip below.
"I’m just a great mover. It’s what I do. I’m a big Michael Jackson fan as you can see."
Watch Gambin’s Billy Jean rendition below….