Barnet Football Club


Gary Waddock returns to training

Gary Waddock has returned to training with the Barnet, following two weeks out of action with a virus.

Speaking to ahead of training this morning, the Bees coach said:

“I’ve had an eventful couple of weeks.

“I came in on the Friday before the Bristol Rovers game.

“Then directly after the game I wasn’t feeling the best and had to spend a couple of evenings in hospital -it was due to a virus that I picked up.

It was an inner ear infection that affected my balance – the best way to explain it is that one minute the world is going anti-clockwise, and the next minute it’s going the other way!

“The last few weeks have been very eventful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

“Slowly but surely I’ve been able to get back to full fitness.

“But it’s my first day back in today, and I’m looking forward to getting out on the grass.

“I’m near enough fully fit, and I’m raring to go again.”