Barnet Football Club


Martin Allen spoke to this afternoon, with an update on Graham Stack’s injury progress.

The Bees manager revealed:

“Graham Stack has been to see another consultant over the past week or so.

“He has had some further scans, to try and cure a problem that he’s had from virtually the end of last season.

“Graham is going to undergo surgery on Monday for a groin problem.

“It’s likely to be a minimum of 2-3 months out of action.”

“In one way it’s good to finally get a diagnosis, but of course it’s very disappointing for all of us that such a good player is going to be missing for a couple of months.”

Barnet FC Physio Luigi Cerullo expanded on the manager’s comments, saying:

“Unfortunately it’s taken a long time to get this diagnosis for Graham.

“It’s a rare and complex situation with him.

“But I’m glad to say that we’ve managed to reach a diagnosis after seeing a few specialists.

“With the rehab programme that we have in place, we should be able to get him involved after 2-3 months.”