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Harry Kewell post Notts County


Harry, defeat on the opening day of the season against Notts County. How do you reflect on that?


“It was clearly disappointing. I felt that it was even in the first half and there were opportunities at both ends, but neither team capitalised.


“We came out for the second half and Notts County scored their first goal. Fair play to them as I thought they played wonderfully today.


“We just did not turn up in the second half and folded after letting the second goal in, which I was surprised at.”


As you mentioned, we did create chances in the first half which gives us something to build on going into Solihull Moors next Saturday?


“The great thing about football is there is always another game. If we are going to have a performance like that, let it be the opening day so that we can get it over and done with and move on.”


“There are only three points gone, so let’s not worry. That was not the second half team that we have seen all the way through pre-season.”


Mason Bloomfield had a great effort saved towards the end of the first half. How do you think that would have changed the game, if that went in?


“You can have chances but you’ve got to make them count. We move forward from today and see it as a lesson learned.”


The fans turned out in their numbers today, how good was that to see?


“It was fantastic. It was probably going to be one of those games where whoever scored first was going to win the game, but unfortunately it was not us.”