Barnet Football Club




Barnet FC’s newest signing Melvin Holwijn spared some time to talk to this afternoon. Here’s what the Dutchman had to say.
How do you feel now that you’ve signed for Barnet FC?
I feel great. I’m happy to join the squad and help to fight for the three points every game.
How did you arrive at Barnet?
I know the Assistant Coach Ulrich Landvreugd and Edgar Davids well from Holland and they asked me to join the squad to help the team fight against relegation. The crowd here is fantastic, England is a wonderful place to be and it’s a great adventure to be here.
Tell us a bit about your career in football so far.
I started my career with Ajax Youth and was there until I was sixteen when I moved to a Second Division team in Holland. I played in Holland for a number of years before moving to Greece, then back to Holland, a season in Germany before returning to Holland once again. And I’m now in England so the adventure continues…
What experience can you bring to Barnet?
At least to help Barnet to stay in the league which is so important for the club. I have played in teams that have been battling relegation and my experience of it was that you have to be a real team – it’s not just eleven players, it’s about the whole squad. Everyone has to give their all for the club and put in the performances.
What kind of player can Bees fans expect to see?
I will give my all from start to finish. I’m a real team player – it’s not about me, it’s about Barnet and the fans and our fight to stay in this league so that we can continue to build something bigger. I would say I am a goal scorer first and foremost so I have to prove that. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself but a striker needs to score goals and that’s what I aim to do.
What are your personal ambitions for this season?
I hope I will perform well and that I will be well liked by the fans. I currently have a two month contract so it’s important for me that I can perform well enough to continue on until the end of the season and, hopefully, beyond.
How has it been moving over here and settling in to the squad?
To be honest I love England! The football fans here are fantastic and the squad has been great. It’s not about a competition of who is playing and there’s no issue of me coming in and taking anyone’s place; It’s not like that at all – they have been lovely and helpful. I love how English people are – from all sides I’ve had help which I really appreciate.
Finally, do you expect to be involved in this weekend’s match?
I don’t know yet but I’ve trained well this week so I hope to be involved. To be honest, Wimbledon are three points above us so no matter who is playing we need to win this game. Especially with it being a home game. So I think everybody must get behind Barnet, not just the players but the fans too so we have not just 11, but 12 men out there. No matter what we need these three points – in Holland we call this a six point game! would like to thank Melvin for giving his time to speak to us. On behalf of everyone at the club we’d like to welcome Melvin to Underhill and wish him all the best in his time with the club!