Barnet Football Club


Jake Hyde is looking to make a big impact on the international stage after being selected for England C.

Paul Fairclough’s non-league Lions will travel to Latvia where Hyde and Keanu Marsh-Brown could both feature.

Hyde, who has scored five goals in six games, explained to that he extremely pleased that his form was being recognised.

“It is great to be recognised for the things you’re doing on the pitch and it’s a great feeling because no matter what level it is you’re representing your country on the pitch.

"It’s a new experience for me  and it’s going to be fun, hopefully I can go away, score some goals and come back a better player.

The forward continued by thanking the Barnet supporters who have sent him a number of tweets praising him on his call-up and his form.

“It was lovely to get the call-up and the Barnet fans have been really supportive with their tweets so I have to say a massive thank you to them.”

Only players outside the Football League can be selected for the England C side and with the Bees pushing at the top of the table Hyde is going to make the most of it while he can.

It’s a lovely chance for me because it might be something that doesn’t happen again so whilst it’s there I will grab it with both hands.

He also believes that playing for England C will give him more confidence and help him become an even better player for the Bees.

As I said it’s just lovely to be recognised for what I’m doing on the pitch and personally I feel like the call-up is an achievement in itself because a lot of good players are up for selection.

It will only give me more confidence in the long run and hopefully I can just keep doing what I’m doing.