Barnet Football Club


On how preparations have gone:

Obviously its been a tough few weeks coming back with the running and stuff like that. But we have got some good work, the training has been good and now in the last week it has been like any other week when we build-up to the game. It’s been good. 

On the squad having a mix of youth and experience 

Yeah it’s good to have players who have been and around the game. Yeovil have a few around their squad as well, who have been in these situations before. So it’s good that we do too, we’ve got a good squad. 



On their being no supporters

We’re both (teams) in the same position, they aren’t going to have any fans and we’re not going to have any fans either. Even though it’s on their own turf, which a nice pitch and nice stadium, hopefully, that will be good for us to keep the ball. It’s not the biggest of pitches but it’s decent. 

On maintaining focus throughout the game

If you looked at all of the games we have played this season, especially in the last 18 or 19 games where we have gone down 1-0 or 2-0 in those games, we have shown that we can come back from that. 

I feel we have to have that same belief as we had when we went on that run. We felt like we weren’t going to get beat, so we have to take that mentality into the weekend.