Barnet Football Club


Barnet FC goalkeeper Jamie Stephens has spoken about how thankful he is for the support his Dad has offered him throughout his career.

Stephens, who is entering his third season at The Hive, thought about quitting football altogether when he was 16 years old, but it was his Father who encouraged him to keep chasing his dream.

He drove me all over the country for my football every week and always supported me if I ever needed it. If I ever have any questions or need some advice, especially football related, he’s great!

“He still lives in Gloucestershire so it’s a good couple of hours away but every time I play anyone around there he’s always at my games. 

He’s always got the highlights on, always texting me after each game – he always tries to stay as up to date as he can.

Jamie was speaking after talking to children at a Hive Foundation Soccer School about the importance of respecting your parents. To learn more about Saturday Soccer Schools, please click here.