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Landvreugd Disappointed By Defeat

Uli Landvreugd was unable to hide his disappointment following Barnet’s 2-0 defeat to Macclesfield Town on Tuesday night.
The Bees fell to their fourth consecutive Skrill Premier defeat at Moss Rose which leaves them ninth in table with just eight games remaining.
Speaking post-match the Dutchman expressed his disappointment after Barnet were once again left empty handed despite dominating large parts of the game.
“Everybody is very disappointing. I am as well, it’s a bad feeling. 
“We had the better of the spells but two mistakes have cost us the game. We had two or three good opportunities in the second half but the ball doesn’t go in.” 
He Continued: “It’s not falling for us. Our free-kick in the first half drops to Mauro but his rebound goes out for a corner but then their rebound falls right at the guy’s feet and he scores.
“We’re in the corner and are getting the punches at the moment. It’s bad but the guys are working, unfortunately it is not enough.”
The Bees have just eight games remaining and Landvreugd admits there is little margin for error if they hope to secure a play-off place. 
“First of all we have to stay calm, analyse the game and see where we can improve. The lack of concentration is why we’ve conceded the goals. Also attacking wise, we’ve had some set-pieces and much more goals must come from them.
“We’re still confident but this defeat makes it harder for us. We only have eight games left this season and we need seven wins to get into the play-offs.” 
Landvreugd also revealed his frustration at the plague of injuries the Bees have suffered in recent weeks with the likes of Jake Hyde, Luisma Villa, Dani Lopez, Mark Byrne and Roberto Casabella all unavailable. 
“The team is being affected a lot. The bigger the squad is the more choices you have and the players are sharper.
“If you have a smaller group you have to be careful that you don’t get any more injuries. So they are having a big effect on the team and those that are missing are the players who’ve played 20 games for us this season.”
Alex Peterson and Connor Dymond both started last night’s match despite joining the club just hours before kick-off and Landvreugd was impressed by the young duo.
“They brought a lot of spirit. Alex worked hard, won a lot of the aerial battles and can hold the ball. Unfortunately Macclesfield pressed us high so we hit a lot of long balls to him rather than get in crosses into him which is what we wanted.
“Connor was a fighter in midfielder and won a lot of his battles. He wasn’t afraid to go into those battles which is positive to see. I’ve been very impressed. He is a strong guy who also likes to play from the back. He is also good a long passes as well. He has quality and reads the game very well.” 
He added: “We have to work our backsides off and not try and make things difficult. We will work hard and hopefully, if we have the same spirit and cut out the lack of concentration, then I think we have a good chance to win at home.”